Liechtenstein Will Allow Payment of Public Services with BTC | News

The Liechtenstein government intends to allow citizens to use Bitcoin to pay for public services, Prime Minister Daniel Risch has said in a conversation with the Handelsblatt newspaper. According to him: “The ability to pay with Bitcoin will soon appear.” He said the government will accept cryptocurrencies from citizens and exchange them for the national currency. Subscribe to our Telegram channel to get daily short digests about events that shape the crypto world In addition, some Swiss municipalities, notably the canton of Zug, are using a similar approach. Risch has also not ruled out the state may invest part of its reserves in Bitcoin. Access more than 50 of the world’s financial markets directly from your EXANTE account – including NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange Liechtenstein is a cryptocurrency-friendly jurisdiction. Back in 2019, the country’s parliament passed the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act, which created a regulated environment for digital asset service providers.

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