Bitcoin P2P Marketplace Paxful Resumes Services After Temporary Suspension | News

Bitcoin peer-to-peer (p2p) marketplace Paxful is back online a month after it had suspended services due to key staff departures. Subscribe to our Telegram channel to get daily short digests about events that shape the crypto world The marketplace said in a blog post on Monday, the team has worked “diligently to get the marketplace back online with the safety and security of users paramount.” Paxful added: “We know it has been a difficult time for many of our users, who were understandably surprised by the sudden suspension, however, we are delighted to be back so that we can continue to serve millions of people without financial access.” In April, Paxful CEO, Ray Youssef, also cited regulatory challenges behind the suspension, adding that the peer-to-peer market was hit most heavily in the US. Access more than 50 of the world’s financial markets directly from your EXANTE account – including NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange

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